The Ageing process, with loss of skin elasticity, hydration and vitality, is inevitable Water and Oxygen are elements constantly required for cell regeneration, reconstruction & revitalisation

Oxy Jet Peel is an advanced technology that infuses Water and Oxygen at supersonic speed, deep within the skin level, Restoring & Revitalising the skin’s natural luscency. Rapid skin improvement is usually noticed after only one treatment.

Oxy Jet Peel works at 5 levels all at once:

 1. Deep cleansing. Using oxygen, water & vitamins at supersonic speed to gently cleanse your skin of debris which gradually builds up with time and causes lacklustre skin,

 2. Exfoliation. Dead layers of skin is comfortably removed, restoring vibrance & luminescence to the skin,

 3. Hydration. The jet stream containing water, oxygen & vitamins moisturises, cools & comforts the skin,

 4. Oxygenation. Infuses oxygen and vitamins into the deep dermis. The skin’s vitality is restored. The skin receives one of the vital elements required to create, new collagen, the framework for skin’s elasticity & vitality,

 5. Micro circulation. OxyJet Peel delivers Water and Oxygen at supersonic speed which creates a micro circulation to the treated area.

Oxy Jet peel is suitable for men, women, all skin types & skin colour  .

We use Oxy Jet Peel on the Face, Neck & décolletage areas. However, it can be easily administered to any body area that requires smoothing, deep cleansing and hydration such as the Hands & feet, Chest & Back areas.