The goal of an effective cellulite treatment is the removal of unwanted body fat. Cellulite develops in places where fat has become lodged under the skin. The presence of the fat tissue calls for the formation of fibers, fibers that can support the fat tissue. The fat tissue thus forms a honeycomb-like structure under the surface of the skin. An effective cellulite treatment must do away with the lodged fat and its support structure.

Women can develop cellulite in spots away from the thighs. Men too develop cellulite, but not at the same places where women get cellulite. Men most often store fat in the form of “love handles.” Those love handles, which are also referred to as a “spare tire,” disappear following a proper cellulite treatment. An effective cellulite treatment must correct for the factor that hinders the disappearance of fat from certain regions of the body. When fat is stored under the skin, it causes the skin to bulge. Blood does not circulate well in bulging skin. The poor circulation in the bulging skin keeps the body from making use of the stored fat.

A proper cellulite treatment stimulates the skin. That stimulation improves the circulation in the skin cells. As the blood flows more freely in the skin cells, it is better able to carry-away some of the stored fat. As the body gets more of the stored fat, the skin that once held that fat looks less like a “honeycomb” or “cottage cheese”. Following a proper cellulite treatment, the blood flows well in the skin cells, carrying the released fat to cells that need an extra burst of energy. The fat disappears, and so does the cellulite.

There are many ways to cure cellulite but there is no fix solution that works overnight.

Our different cellulite treatment possibilities are:

  ·         PowerShape therapy

  ·         Mesotherapy

  ·         Cellulite body treatments