Professional microneedling is a new and soft therapy for skin cell REGENERATION! So far various ablative methods were used for skin rejuvenation. The mechanism of action of the MicroNeedling Therapy works different! It is based on scientific facts that skin cells communicate by electrical signals. When the skin is microneedled cells react to this intrusion by changing their internal electrical potential. This electrical charge in return stimulates skin cells to release chemical compositions, protein and growth factors. Proliferated skin cells, such as fibroblasts, migrate to the point of injury and transform into new collagen fibers.

Q: What is microneedling?
A: microneedlingis done for treating Aging skin, Acne Scars. Scars, Cellulite, Pigmentation, Stretch marks and Wrinkles. This process induces collagen production which is responsible for more strength and elasticity.

Q: How often should microneedling be performed?
 The formation of new collagen fibres and a new tissue needs time. Normally 3-6 treatments are required with a time a gap of 3-6 weeks between each treatment to see good results, however we will diagnose and give you the clear picture of the number of treatments required.

Q: Why should I go for microneedling and not other treatment?
A: • Short healing period within days

• Minimum risk of any side effects

• Added bonus of Skin Rejuvenation

• All skin types can be treated