Dermabrasion has been used since 1905 when a German dermatologist used the technique for the treatment of post acne scars. Currently, we use Diamond dermabrasion for the treatment of scarring related to acne, hyperpigmentation, some stretch marks, uneven skin tone, reducing the dullness of aging skin and smoothing out fine wrinkle lines. and for acne rosacea, scars and sun damaged skin. The procedure can also be used to remove wrinkles around the chin and mouth. It produces smoother skin by removing the outer layer of skin, so that new tissue grows back to replace the old.

Q: Benefits of Dermabrasion?
A: Modern life takes a heavy toll on skin because we spend so much time outdoors under the damaging effects of the sun which rapidly age skin – unless precautions are taken. Smoking, stress and aging also take a toll. Dermabrasion usually creates a fresh, more youthful appearance in skin. Moreover, the skin that grows back is smoother than that which it replaces.

Q: How is Dermabrasion Performed?
A: We will examine your skin to assess factors that could affect the outcome of the treatment and to determine the proper procedure for your condition. Skin type and color, ethnic background and age are important factors.
First, the skin is cleansed. After that, we use a diamond dermabrasion machine –with a treatment head about the size of a pencil — with a small cone of cutting diamonds on its end. That instrument sands down the outer layer of the old skin.